Ofnat Bracha OG
Ofnat Bracha OG
Ofnat Bracha OG
Ofnat Bracha OG
Ofnat Bracha OG
Ofnat Bracha OG

Ofnat Bracha boutique was established in 1969 

by Bracha and Yaacob Tarlovsky. 

Bracha was the buyer and saleslady, Yaacob was the tailor.


The store was located in Holon, a suburban city in Israel, 

and it decorated the street with its colorful display window. 


Bracha’s style was characterized by color, femininity and ease. 

She used to buy the clothes from local manufacturers, 

located at Beit Romano textile center in Tel Aviv. 


Yaakov’s job, as the boutique’s tailor, 

was to make sure the garments made each customer 

feel good in their own skin.


The boutique closed its doors in 2006, 

but up until then it served as home away from home 

and a cultural gathering spot for the eastern European migrants 

in that small Mediterranean town.


Today, the brand is being re-established by Noa Tarlovsky,

 the granddaughter of Yaacob and Bracha. 

Born in 1993, Tarlovsky spent her childhood at the shop 

and has recently graduated from Shenkar College

 with a bachelor’s degree in fashion design.


The brand is inspired by the nostalgic aesthetic of the original boutique,

 with a twist of contemporary mischief.

Designed in Tel Aviv, made in Israel by local Manufacturers.